Robin Arzon discusses her motivation for writing Shut Up And Run and her future plans as she continues to inspire the world to live a life in sweat!

'Mygrations' follows 20 elite men and women as they set out on foot unarmed and without a map or compass. They brave harsh elements, deadly predators and even each other in a feat that has never been attempted before - enduring Africa's gruelling wildebeest migration.
Robin Arzon never expected a dangerous encounter would lead her to become the ultra-marathoner she is today. Watch how she used running to take back her life in this inspiring video.
Creativity is constant. Robin is a fitness and cycling coach on a mission to destroy the ordinary and make sport extraordinary, all while "sweating with swagger." Robin Arzon is here to create herself every damn day.
ROBIN ARZON - MIND OVER MILES: PROOF SUPERHEROES ARE REAL. As part of the Downtown Project, former lawyer and ultramarathoner, Robin Arzon, discusses the power of narrative and the ways we create ourselves through the superheroes in our lives.
She knows no limits and she doesn't want you to either. Get to know Robin Arzon, aka RobinNYC, more as she tells us why she sweats with swagger.

Fitness collective UNDO-ORDINARY and sportswear brand Mighty Healthy teamed up to participate in the biggest party in NYC - the New York City Marathon. Mile 21 endorphin party: cheering, running, sweating, and harnessing the power of community. JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

Robin Arzon ran 150 miles in 5 days to help our fight against multiple sclerosis! Check out her week and donate to support our effort to END MS at Follow us on Facebook at Video: Ashley Kumlien Graphics: John Fischer Sound Design: Sheila Wordell Music: Tony Memmel

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During the Nike women's marathon in DC decided to showcase the style of some of the girls running the race. Its very empowering to see how hard they train for this moment and at the same time look amazing while doing it.

Stay in the zone when it counts! Try this Race Day Visualization with running coach and ultramarathoner, Robin Arzon. Race day performance is 80% mental. Use guided imagery to achieve, perform, and enhance self-confidence when it counts the most. For more about a life lived in sweat, check out Follow @RobinNYC.

Robin Arzon (RobinNYC), creator of the urban athletic blog SHUTUPANDRUN, tells the story of who really runs the streets. Robin, a lawyer turned ultramarathoner and running coach who recently ran 140 miles across Utah, channels the collective energy of the world's running crews, a family forged in sweat.